Jason Manford Muddle Class review: A side splitting, relatable show that had the audience crying with laughter throughout the show

Comedian Jason Manford. Photo: Courtesy of Norwich Theatre Royal

Comedian Jason Manford. Photo: Courtesy of Norwich Theatre Royal - Credit: Courtesy of Norwich Theatre Royal

Jason Manford brought his Muddle Class tour to Norwich Theatre Royal last night. The show was the first of two taking place at the theatre with the second performance taking place tonight.

Appearing before a sold out crowd, Jason Manford was met by rapturous applause after the crowd had arrived back from a short interval.

Suitably warmed up by the supporting comedian the crowd were ready for the headline act.

His show 'Muddle Class' featured a wealth of new material about Jason growing up 'working class' then finding, over the years, that part of him has become 'middle class' - causing much confusion!

He opened the evening by thanking everyone for heading out on a Thursday night to see him perform.

Explaining how it's taken him two years to find some available dates at the Theatre Royal for him to come and perform, he was grateful for everyone's persistence in helping to make it happen.

From the get go he had the crowd in fits as he spent the first part of his performance comparing the differences between the man he wants to be and who he actually is.

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Audience members laughed and nodded in agreement as he described how our brain can make one decision and then a matter of hours later the same brain can make a completely contrasting choice ultimately stopping us from achieving the perfect version of ourselves that we envisage.

Jason Manford has such a natural presence on stage and even when he's talking about the most basic of thoughts and feelings he's able to have everyone in tears from laughing so much.

He spoke a bit about how he's obsessed with losing weight and how he had lost a stone and a half in preparation for this tour.

A personal highlight was when he said he had taken his measurements only to realise that the circumference around his stomach was 4ft and that meant he could 'wear Danny DeVito as a belt.'

The second half of the show was where he really got into talking about being 'muddle class'.

With kids who are used to a life of picnic baskets, hummus and smashed avocado, he often finds himself the subject of ridicule from his brother who doesn't consider Jason's job to be a 'proper job' and can't quite believe how middle class he is in comparison.

Through self conflicting thoughts and life experiences, Jason Manford coined the term 'Muddle Class' - a phrase that describes scenarios in which the working class and middle class collide.

Have you ever found yourself 'eating olives whilst watching Jeremy Kyle', 'drinking prosecco from a Sports Direct mug' or 'going on a skiing trip with Ryanair?' Well then you might just be 'muddle class' too.

When asking the audience if they now felt that they were perhaps 'muddle class' too, everyone seemed to cheer loud and proud.

It was a side splitting, relatable show that had the audience crying with laughter throughout the show. Delivered with Jason's amiable charm and captivating wit, this is a show not to be missed.

Jason Manford is a top class comedian and so worth catching live when you get the chance.