Jake Humphrey: My Run Norwich 10k training diary

Jake Humphrey is running the Run Norwich 10k.

Jake Humphrey is running the Run Norwich 10k. - Credit: Archant

Thousands of people will be pounding the pavements through the summer months to get in shape for the first Run Norwich 10k race on August 30. Among them is television presenter Jake Humphrey, who is documenting his 'painful' return to training in a special fortnightly column for the Evening News.

Run Norwich is a new 10k road race in the city centre.

Run Norwich is a new 10k road race in the city centre. - Credit: Archant

Ouch! I'm only just managing to type this, my first training diary entry, as I build up to the Run Norwich 10k at the end of August.

So, let me fill you in on why I'm running 10k, and also why I'm detailing the painful, slow process of getting my stiff back, dodgy knees and wheezing lungs into shape, via my new column.

First of all why run it?

Run Norwich is a new 10k road race in the city centre.

Run Norwich is a new 10k road race in the city centre. - Credit: Archant

Well, I'm going to Run Norwich, because I'm a very proud trustee of the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation, an incredible charity which does amazing work right across Norfolk. It was Nelson Mandela who said 'sport has the power to change the world', and I agree with him.

Sport gives you goals and ambitions, it increases your self-esteem, makes you live longer, teaches respect and discipline, and above all else is brilliant fun.

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In my job I've been fortunate enough to be kissed by Jenson Button as he'd just won the F1 world title, hugged by Aaron Ramsey moments after he'd scored the winning goal in an FA Cup final, and witnessed many global sporting moments first hand.

However, despite being so inspired by sport and sports stars, I would currently struggle to run for 10 minutes, let alone for 10k.

Rewind the clock back two years and whilst I wasn't exactly Mo Farah, I was certainly a lot fitter. Then came Florence.

If you're a parent, reading this and shaking your head at my lack of dedication to fitness after having a child, I applaud you. Quite simply, Harriet and I couldn't find the time to train. I was working hard, Flo was a terrible sleeper, and life just seemed to get rather busy. If you managed to produce babies, and trips to the gym then you're a better man than me!

So, with too many wobbly bits, a penchant for pie and clearly caught off-guard, I found myself saying 'Yes, I'd love to', when asked to Run Norwich for the Norwich City Community Sport Foundation.

So, here I am, sitting at my desk in late June, sipping some red wine (oops!) and gearing up to get fit again.

I've enrolled myself at SportsPark in Norwich, and I'm working with the brilliant Ben Price, who is very patient – good job!! I'm also following the training plan of former Olympian Paul Evans – he almost makes it seem simple.

So, this column will be a regular chance for you to laugh at my complaints when I'm aching, but hopefully also be inspired that if I can drag myself around Norwich for charity, perhaps you will consider it too? It'd be much more fun if we did it together!

You can find Ben my trainer on Twitter @truehealthgroup

There are a number of Paul's training plans for runners to follow at www.runnorwich.org

Until the next column (in the Evening News on Thursday, July 16) – see ya - perhaps at the gym?

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Jake's training diary - week one

Here is what former Olympian Paul Evans' training plan for Jake looked like for the first week:

Sunday – Long run 7k (this should be at a conversational pace) easy running

Monday – Day off

Tuesday – Gym

Wednesday – Day off

Thursday – Gym

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Rest

Here is what Jake managed:

This week I ran three times.

I was struggling after 20 minutes jogging on Monday, and had only managed 3k. Very depressing.

On the Wednesday I managed to run for 26 minutes, with a two- minute breather half-way through the run.

On Thursday I had a bit of a warm-down day but still wanted to do something, so I ran for only 10 minutes, but did a minute faster than normal and a minute slower. It was tough.