iwitness24 user captures “distressing” rubbish build-up in River Wensum

Rubbish is clogging up the banks of the River Wensum in Norwich – and our readers are on the look-out.

Rubbish is clogging up the banks of the River Wensum in Norwich – and our readers are on the lookout.

A river-loving reader from Old Catton captured this image of the River Wensum near Norwich's historic Cow Tower and shared it on our new iwitness24.co.uk site.

The picture shows a build-up of discarded cans, bottles, fast-food containers and wrappers washed up at the side of the river last week.

The user, known as Norton, asked to remain anonymous, but said the scene was 'distressing'.

He said: 'This is just one of many areas on the river that are affected.

'The more you look, the more you find. And that's only on the banks – who knows what is at the bottom of the river?

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'It's even worse where the river becomes the Yare, near Whitlingham Park. I've seen all kinds of things washed up: syringes, colostomy bags and so on.'

He added: 'The river is an absolute disgrace. It's supposed to be our pride and joy in Norwich, and we can't even look after it.' City councillor Bert Bremner, whose portfolio includes environmental strategy, agreed that the build-up of rubbish was 'awful'.

'It's not just the effect on river users that is a concern – it's the visibility of it to people passing by or tourists.

'The river should be a ribbon of pleasure running through our city.'

The photograph drew many comments on iwitness24.co.uk – where readers can submit and share their pictures and videos – with other users condemning the state of the river.

A spokesman for Norwich City Council, which has responsibility for the river, thanked the Evening News for bringing the issue to light.

She said: 'We will get the location inspected and arrange for removal.

'We rely on public reports of rubbish build-up in the Wensum in Norwich, as well as our visual checks each week when our life buoy stations are inspected.

'We urge people to report any areas, on land or water, in Norwich where rubbish might accumulate.

'We would also ask everyone to use litter bins or take rubbish home – litter can get caught in hedges and in the river, it is unsightly, hazardous to the environment and can be a danger to wildlife.'

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