It’s reunion time for the Bracondale boys of Norwich

The hunt is for ex-students and teachers at the much-loved school on the hill - such a respected centre of learning in Norwich for so long.

Almost 20 years after the gates were closed for the last time the search is on for former members of the famous old school on the hill – Bracondale.

For more than 170 years this proud centre of learning educated tens of thousands of young men, shaping the rest of their lives, before running out of money and shutting in 1993.

Now the plan is to generate more interest in the school and track down as many former pupils as possible for a grand reunion in the late spring.

The idea comes from Steve Buckle, a pupil in the 1960s, who wants to revive and maintain interest in Bracondale, starting with a get together at Park Farm, Hethersett.

'I would like to hear from all old Bracondalians as soon as possible,' said Steve. It was a good school and they were happy days. It is important to keep the memory alive.'

Today, most of Bracondale is owned by Norwich Housing Society and is known as Old School Court and the memories of this fine old school with such a glorious history live on. The site has been developed with real style.

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Back in 1821 Mr D B Hickey announced he was devoting his talents to the education of a limited number of young gentlemen in Norwich between the age of eight and 16 in English, Greek and Latin, with French, Italian, modern Greek and Turkish – if required.

He described his school as a 'house standing on Bracondale Hill, the most beautiful and healthy situation in the environs of Norwich.'

Some years later, Dr F D Wheeler brought his boys from Paragon House School in Earlham Road up the hill to join the smaller number of boys at Bracondale and together they formed a school which played a leading role in the lives of so many young men who went on to make their mark all over the world.

If you would like to go to the school reunion, or are interested in keeping the memory of Bracondale alive, call Steve Buckle on 07811 165026 or email

Watch this space for more memories of those Bracondale boys.