It’s heritage with a twist for Norwich interiors

Traditional heritage style interiors brighten up for the new season with polka dots and light oak ruling the roost, says Emma Harrowing.

Country inspired interiors are a classic. This year it is all about taking the traditional dark oak furniture, horned stag head wall mounts and tweed and tartan fabrics, shaking them up and creating an altogether lighter, more contemporary look.

While the items of this trend remain the same – a classic armchair, wooden furniture, practical soft furnishings and the ubiquitous stag head trophy, the materials have altered ever so slightly. Tartan and checks are mixed with boucle, cushions are printed with country animal art such as a doormouse or a stag, wicker is teamed with cast iron to create a more industrial look, wood has lightened up with oak and beech and the stag head has joined the realms of fur and skin with faux stag wall ornaments made from ceramic.

The old heritage trend was all about rich, muted pattern and this new generation is the same, but with a twist. Polka dots and checks have joined the realms to create a modern feel when mixed with tartan and plaid.

Yet traditionalism still prevails, as to get this look your home still needs a log basket, a gentleman's armchair and, if possible, a roaring fire, it's just that our heritage style has taken on a lighter look.

You can see our pick of this season's heritage interiors look by clicking on the photo gallery link at the top right of this page.