It's going to be a Norfolk scorcher - so take care!

Dan GrimmerWith temperatures set to reach the mid 20s in Norfolk over the weekend ambulance bosses are warning people to stay cool.Dan Grimmer

With temperatures set to reach the mid 20s in Norfolk over the weekend ambulance bosses are warning people to stay cool.

And the service is also urging members of the public to use 999 wisely, only calling it in an emergency.

Daytime temperatures are predicted to hit 24 to 25 degrees centigrade over Saturday and Sunday and while the warmer weather is something to be enjoyed the message is to take care in the sun.

Darren Maguire, general manager for the East of England Ambulance Service in Norfolk, said: "Most vulnerable in hot weather are the very young, older people or those with pre-existing medical conditions. In particular, it can make heart and respiratory problems worse and of course cause sunburn. In extreme cases, excess heat can lead to heat stroke, which can be fatal.

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'This means people should do what they can to make themselves safe in the sun, ensure they have enough medication if treating a long-term condition, and take the necessary precautions to prevent the bad effects of heat exposure, such as wearing a hat, using sun cream and seeking shade.

'The start of warmer weather is something we all look forward to but make sure you enjoy the sun and don't overdo it. It's important to protect yourself and others, particularly the young and old."

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There are some simple tips which everyone can follow to ensure you make the best of the weather:

- Wear a hat and ensure children's heads are protected as well as those of older relatives.

- Stick to shady areas when outdoors, and keep plenty of water to hand to stay hydrated

- Take particular care when the sun is at its hottest between 11am and 3pm

- Drink cold drinks like water or fruit juice regularly and avoid tea, coffee and alcohol.

Mr Maguire added: "If people do find they need medical attention, they must ring 999 in an emergency. However, for more minor conditions, they should consider other healthcare options, such as calling NHS Direct on 0845 46 47, visiting their NHS walk-in centre, GP or local pharmacist."

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