Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Venus and Jupiter in the Norwich sky

Stargazers are tonight being treated to strong showings from at least two planets in the night sky.

Sprowston resident Barry Gaskin reported seeing two bright lights but insisted they were too big to be stars, although poured scorn on any suggestions that they could be UFOs.

Mr Gaskin, of Mountbatten Drive, said: 'My backdoor faces south and if you look out, high in the sky you can see this object. If you keep staring at it looks like it has wings and a tail. If you look to the west there's something which is much bigger. They are definitely not stars as they are too big. They are not aeroplanes. I am not one that believes in flying saucers but they have to be a planet of some sort.

And Dave Balcombe, chairman of the Norwich Astronomical Society, confirmed this was the case.

He said Venus was visible in the west with the next brightest and most noticeable in the sky being Jupiter.

Mr Balcombe said: 'Later on in the evening after about 10pm Mars will rise and much later, at about 3am, so will Saturn. People might have been watching Stargazing Live and have now looked out and seen them. Venus is brighter tonight than normal.'