'Home-a-bone' skeleton becomes local attraction

Ipswich Road skeleton in Norwich for Halloween

Connie and Angus Matthew have placed a ‘spooky’ skeleton in the window of their home which has delighted passers-by - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

A Norwich local sitting in a window has been amusing passers by - despite there being 'no body' there.

The skeleton has been staring out of an Ipswich Road home's window for the past week, quickly becoming a local attraction. 

Ipswich Road skeleton Norwich

This skeleton has been peering out of the attic of this Ipswich Road home - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Couple Connie and Angus Matthew placed their replica human skeleton in their attic window for a bit of fun in the run up to Halloween later this month. 

Ipswich Road Skeleton Norwich Halloween

This spooky season the Matthew family have left a skeleton on guard of their home - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

The skeleton has previously been spotted staring out from the second floor window, but it appears it has the run of the house and enjoys finding new spots to rest their weary bones. 

Norwich skeleton Ipswich road halloween

It's spooky season and Connie and Angus Matthew have taken it to the next level with their window skeleton, which is proving a popular attraction - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

If you are starting to feel in the spirit for the 'spooky season' this year, there are lots of events happening in Norfolk that are sure to be spine-tingling experiences for all. 

Ipswich Road skeleton in Norwich for Halloween

Connie and Angus Matthew posing with their window skeleton who has become a big hit with the locals - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Aside from the Ipswich Road skeleton, have you spotted any mysterious happenings in Norwich this month? Let us know at live@archant.co.uk.