Scottish rock band Fatherson speak about their new album ahead of their headline Norwich show

We caught up with Ross Leighton from Scottish alternative rock band Fatherson ahead of their headline show at The Waterfront Studio in a few days time [October 10].

Having formed in 2010, you quickly gained fans with your raw sound. How did Fatherson come about and was it something you had all went into with the prospect of it becoming a full time career?

We’ve always wanted to make music with each other. In 2010 we went on tour with a band called Idlewild and that made the whole thing seem like a real prospect to be in a band forever and now we get to do it which is crazy!

Have there been any key influences throughout your journey so far and if so who were they?

Other bands have always been the influence for us. We have managed to tour with some amazing bands that taught us so much. I think it’s just the way that music sounds when it’s played live. It’s our favourite way to make music with each other and the key reasoning behind recording our new album, ‘Sum Of All Your Parts’ live.

With the new album you pulled back your comfort blanket to bring something more personal. Can you talk us a little bit through the process of how you got from the initial ideas to the final tracks that made the album?

We had a studio in Ibrox in the south side of Glasgow that we got to spend about 9 months in. Four or five days a week we would just write and record demos all the time. The amount of time we had to experiment really informed how the album turned out.

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Making waves was the first tune I’d written going into it and it sort of just grew from there. We demoed everything live there which made recording the album live the most obvious way to do it.

When we got to Chairworks in Castleford we set up the beautiful live room up like we had in our little freezing studio and recorded for a month. It was the most cathartic experience we’ve ever had in the studio and I think you can hear our enjoyment on the record.

As a band, your music has always felt very honest. Music is such a vital platform to share experiences and emotions that connect both you with your fans and strangers with one another. Is this something you have always tried to utilise within your music and is it something that can sometimes be a little daunting?

I think it’s just what comes most naturally. There is a slight sense of responsibility when you have that sort of intense emotional connection with other people. However in my opinion that’s what it’s all about. People are just people making it up as they go along. If I can do that and it brings people together that’s the dream really.

Your career so far has seen you touring with the likes of Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic, Panic! At The Disco and Enter Shikari. What’s it been like to have the opportunity to tour with some of the best bands on the circuit and what have been your highlights so far?

We’ve done some shows with those amazing bands but the only one we toured with was Enter Shikari. To be honest our highlights touring wise have been with Augustines and We We Promised Jetpacks. Those bands showed us the ropes of bringing it night after night and we’ve harked back to them ever since.

Speaking of touring, after the album is out you will be touring it all over the UK and Europe. Are there any dates in particular that you are looking forward to and how do you all prepare for heading out on the road for such a long time?

We’re just looking forward to be back on the road. Loads of the shows are selling out and we’re getting to play an album we love to fans of our band every night. It’s class.

After this tour is complete, what do you all have planned next?

We’re going to be on tour again in the spring, that’s the big plan!

Tickets are available for the Norwich show on October 10 at The Waterfront Studios for £8 advance from the UEA Box Office website.