Dereham based rock band Bad Touch speak about their forthcoming album and tour

Dereham rock band Bad Touch. Photo: Rob Blackman

Dereham rock band Bad Touch. Photo: Rob Blackman - Credit: Rob Blackman

Dereham rock band Bad Touch talk about their forthcoming album, tour and career ahead of their show at The Waterfront in Norwich on November 9.

Bad Touch's album Shake A Leg. Photo: Bad Touch

Bad Touch's album Shake A Leg. Photo: Bad Touch - Credit: Rob Blackman

You are going to release your new album Shake A Leg on October 5th. Tell us about the new album.

'Shake A Leg' is a bit of a leap for us as we recorded with a producer for the 1st time.

Some songs were worked out and arranged well in advance, but others grew organically in the recording studio with each band member adding to the songwriting process.

The songs themselves have a wide range of themes as you would expect from a band gaining a greater wealth of life experiences, but we tried to keep it all about the songs and not get too self-indulgent.

What is the idea behind the album title 'Shake A Leg'?

The title has a very simple meaning – something that would invoke a feel-good party feeling and get people on their feet and dancing.

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What was your favourite part about recording the album?

In the past we have probably been more comfortable playing live than in the studio, but with this, our third album we are beginning to understand the process a little better. We allowed ourselves the time to experiment to find the best sound for specific tracks and had a great time trying out the complete range of gear the studio had available. But the best part has to be hearing the results of all the hard work for the first time.

Are there any anecdotes you can share with us?

Dereham rock band Bad Touch. Photo: Rob Blackman

Dereham rock band Bad Touch. Photo: Rob Blackman - Credit: Rob Blackman

Probably best to pass on this one for the time being – all will be revealed in our memoirs.

You recently signed with Marshall Records, congratulations on that. How did it happen and what has it been like?

We had been on the lookout for a record company for a few months but were not keen to rush into a decision. We had a few offers but felt that Marshall were an ideal fit for us – we really liked the setup and the people, so it was a no-brainer and since signing they have been great to work with.

You are heading out on tour in October. What are you looking forward to most? Any favourite songs to play live?

Touring is always a great adventure mixing nerves, excitement, expectation and a sense of trepidation but we have, in The Cult Classics and Daxx and Roxane, great touring companions so we are really looking forward to each show.

We can't wait to play tracks from the new album in front of a live audience. We've tried to make 'Shake A Leg' as good and sonically appealing as possible, and now we need to recreate this in a live situation consistently every night of that tour.

As to a favourite song – well for us all the new stuff will be great especially if the audience likes the songs as much as we do.

What's the best gig that you've been to, or has inspired you the most?

Every member of Bad Touch is an avid gig-goer, so we have loads to choose from and would each have a different opinion.

For Stevie it was AC/DC live at Download 2010. They brought their own stage, complete with a steam train that burst through the back of it as they started the show with 'Rock 'n' Roll Train'! The entire crowd were bouncing and there was a feeling of pure euphoria. Stevie was hooked and decided there and then, 'This is what I need to do with my life.'

What's your favourite UK venue so far, and why do you like it so much? Can you share some memories about this venue?

That's a tricky one as we like so many different venues for so many different reasons and to pick just one would be impossible. We're just so lucky to have been able to play in so many venues all around the country.

Do you have a pre-show ritual? If so what is it?

We have become creatures of habit and this means a trip to the nearest Wetherspoons – where Seeks will study the menu for ages [and ages] before ordering a Butter Milk Chicken Burger with a bucket of mayonnaise. We really should have 'Spoons' loyalty cards.

How do like to relax on a day off during a tour?

The few days we get off during a tour will often be spent just chilling at the hotel and catching up with all the social media stuff that go with being in a band.

Rob will be on the lookout for somewhere to watch the footie and George the MOTO GP and of course a trip to Spoons for our daily nourishment.

What is the one item you can't go on tour without?

Your wallet... it's an expensive game this touring musician lark!

• Tickets for the event on Friday November 9 are available for £17 advance via the UEA Box Office website.