End of Zoom meetings spells end for town councillor after 17 years

Ian Mackie. Pic: Submitted.

Ian Mackie. Pic: Submitted. - Credit: Submitted

A town councillor has stood down after serving his community for nearly two decades following the return of face-to-face meetings. 

District and county councillor Ian Mackie handed in his notice to both Thorpe St Andrew and Sprowston Town Councils last week. 

Mr Mackie, 44, served as town mayor for Thorpe St Andrew from 2016 to 2018 having started at the council at the age of 26 in 2004. 

He decided to stand down after realising the end of Zoom council meetings meant he was left with little time to pursue his new interests after Covid restrictions were lifted. 

Mr Mackie is devoting his time to the Thorpe Trust, the Ivy Child Charitable Trust, Thorpe St Andrew Parochial Church Council and Norwich East Deanery Synod, as well as continuing as a county and district council. 

He is also a governor at Dussindale Primary School. 

County councillor Ian Mackie 

County councillor Ian Mackie - Credit: Submitted

Reflecting on his decision, he said: "It is something I have been considering for a good while. I do not do these things lightly and you sometimes know when to make space for other things and other priorities. 

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"Throughout the pandemic, meetings have been held on Zoom so now we are back to face-to-face, it is quite a large demand with finite time." 

Mr Mackie said the highlight of his time with Thorpe St Andrew Town Council was overseeing the town twinning with St Andrews in New Brunswick, Canada, when he was mayor. 

Thorpe St Andrew has become twinned with St Andrews in New Brunswick, Canada. Photo: Thorpe St Andre

Thorpe St Andrew has become twinned with St Andrews in New Brunswick, Canada. Photo: Thorpe St Andrew Town Council - Credit: Archant

Other notable memories include the opening of the dementia café at Roxley Hall, and the Thorpe Luncheon Club in partnership with Andrew Fredrick Adult Support. 

He also fondly recalled the opening of a new running track at Laundry Lane Recreation Ground in June 2017, as well as the improvements and new lamps at River Green, and the new toilets now available at both parks. 

The granite running track was installed at Laundry Lane Recreation Ground by Eurovia - the contracto

Ian Mackie opening the new granite running track at Laundry Lane Recreation Ground in June 2017 - Credit: Archant

"It's been an honour and a privilege to serve on these councils with two years as mayor," Mr Mackie continued. 

"It has been a big part of my life and I have dedicated a lot of time, effort and investment which I will continue to provide as a county and district councillor." 

A spokesman for Thorpe St Andrew Town Council said: "We will follow due process to fill the vacancy left from councillor Mackie’s resignation.

"Councillor Mackie has played an important role in the civil life of the town since his election in 2004, particularly during his time as town mayor. He will continue to work with us as both district and county councillor."