Watch: Hundreds queue for hours outside Norwich bar for Euro 2020 final

Norwich businesses are flying their England flags ahead of the Euros final tomorrow night.

More than 300 football fans queued outside of Stadia Norwich to watch the Euro 2020 final - Credit: Emily Thompson

There are football fans, and then there are football fanatics! 

Hundreds of excited England supporters have been queuing outside Stadia in Norwich since 10.30am today (Sunday, July 11) - despite the fact it was not due to open its doors till 5.30pm. 

The bar on Upper King Street has offered walk-ins only for the duration of lockdown, which includes the Euro 2020 final. 

Tracey Jones has been the general manager for six years and described today's atmosphere there as “electric”. 

She said: “We can accommodate for 180 people while following Covid regulations and staying safe, but we’ve had in excess of 300 people queuing to get in. Some are still outside now hoping that people might leave before the big match. 

“Everyone is very excited at the moment, and everyone has also been really good. We’ve not had to ask anyone to leave during the whole of the Euros and 99 percent of customers have been well behaved.” 

Ms Jones added that staff is using a red and yellow card system to make sure everyone keeps well-behaved and follows the rules tonight.