Hundreds queue outside Norwich Apple store for new iPhone 4S

Norwich Apple fans remember Steve Jobs in rush to get new iPhone 4S

Technology fans woke up with the birds this morning to be the amongst the first in the country to get their hands on the final phone unveiled during Steve Jobs' lifetime.

The new iPhone 4S drew large queues to the Apple store in Chapelfield Shopping Centre from 7am, with some fans camping out overnight.

Russell Bell, 39, a sales manager queued for over two hours.

He said the phone carried sentimental value for Apple fans in the wake of Steve Jobs' death.

Staff handed out muffins to their keen customers who continued to join the queues throughout the morning.

UEA student Chongloong Ng, 22, said: 'I wanted to be one of the first and get down here early, but obviously everyone got off work.'

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Shopkeeper Abdullah Patel, 45, who joined the queue at 9.30am had an estimated two hour wait ahead. He said: 'It is human nature. People always like to be the first to get it.'

The new model looks similar to the iPhone 4 but has an upgraded camera, faster processor and voice-activated software.