How we found love again - in our 70s

Mary HamiltonWhen their partners passed away, neither 73-year-old Keith Pedlar nor 72-year-old Anne thought they would find someone else to spend the rest of their lives with.Mary Hamilton

When their partners died, neither 73-year-old Keith Pedley nor 72-year-old Anne thought they would find someone else to spend the rest of their lives with.

And when they answered an advert for an introduction agency in their church magazines, neither could have hoped to find a perfect partner so quickly.

Now, after a whirlwind romance, the happy newly-weds have just spent their first Valentine's Day together at home in Norwich.

The couple, both born-again Christians, met through a dating service for widows and widowers advertised in their church magazines.

'Anne answered the advert a long time before I did,' said Keith. 'I hadn't got over the loss of my late wife Win in June 2008 - I just wasn't interested in finding anyone.

'But a friend twisted my arm a bit and in April last year I replied. They matched us up and it just went from there.'

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After chatting on the phone, they met for the first time on June 15 when Keith came to Norwich on the train from Cambridge.

'I knew before we met that Anne was the one,' he said. 'Anne wasn't quite as forthcoming. She wanted to wait till we met.

'In my case it was love slightly before first sight. I think for Anne it took at least 12 hours.'

Keith stayed at the flat they now share in Cavendish House, Recorder Road, Norwich, and the couple went for lunch at the Nelson pub in Nelson Street, which has become a firm favourite.

With Keith visiting every week, the couple quickly became very close, and on July 12 they got engaged. 'We had skirted around the subject for a little while,' said Anne. 'But at our age, once you have made up your mind there's no point waiting around.'

Keith said: 'We had been in Chapelfield and I saw Anne looking at a sapphire-set engagement ring. I liked it too and we went back there to buy it.'

On October 24 last year, Keith and Anne married at the Norwich Citadel before heading off to Hayling Island for a week's honeymoon. Anne's eldest daughter Julie, 50, gave her away, and the couple picked their own hymns.

Keith said: 'Anne's late husband, Ron, who knew his time was limited, said he wanted her to find a good, kind gentleman. He told her not to be on her own.

'Win used to say the same to me - she didn't want me to be alone for the rest of my life. We know they would both approve of our choices. They would be happy to see us so happy together.'

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