How to stand out at Latitude this summer

The countdown is on until Latitude, but what do you wear over the festival season? Emma Harrowing gives her top tips on how to dress for all weather and still look stylish.

Here at Life Matters HQ we are already counting down the days until Latitude (15 days) and quite frankly we are excited. And not just because it means three days of lying in a field listening to bands such as Suede, The National and Jenny and Jonny or laughing until our sides ache to the likes of Alan Carr and Jon Richardson, but also because it means that we can put together our festival wardrobe.

Glamping is the only way to do a festival and whether you like the classic style of the celeb festival queen Kate Moss or the more grungy look of Alexa Chung it is possible to look great all through the weekend despite not having anywhere to plug in your straighteners or having a proper wash.

First the essentials, baby wipes will keep you feeling and smelling fresh throughout the weekend so buy these in bulk (look for a buy one get one free offer). Next, make sure that your festival wardrobe is suitable for all seasons, you know what our summers are like it could be super sunny one minute and then we could be in the midst of a torrential downpour the next, so pack wellies and flip flops.

A parka is a festival essential as it can be worn over anything, oozes festival style and it protects you from the wind and the rain.

Dresses are a key item as they are easy to wear (and put on in your tent) and makes the trip to the smelly portable toilets a breeze (never wear a playsuit to a festival). Dresses can also be layered over printed or plain leggings, tights or jeans if the temperature turns cooler in the evenings.

Layering is a good festival look that is both practical and stylish. Take a cardigan to layer over tops and dresses, an array of vest tops to wear two at a time and a pair of jeans and leggings to pull on underneath shorts or dresses.

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Our final tip is to take some cosy pyjamas and keep them in a plastic bag so that they don't get wet. You'll be grateful for them when you stagger back to your tent and want a good night's sleep in dry, comfortable clothes.

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