How to make your summer wardrobe last into autumn

As the season changes to autumn you don't have to give up on your summer outfits, just reinvent them, says Emma Harrowing.

We will soon be into autumn and I for one cannot wait. It's not that I detest summer – if we had one – it's just that I feel better buying into the autumn and winter trends than the spring and summer season because you get more wear out of your investment.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't got the time or the money to go out and buy a new wardrobe of clothes as soon as the new collections come into the shops, but buying a well made blazer, a pair of well fitting jeans, or a pair of leather boots, gives me that after-shopping glow as I know I will be wearing these items for months to come.

So what if you could wear your summer gear throughout the colder months? It would make the money spent on that mint green chiffon top or that pair of tailored floral shorts much easier to swallow and it would mean that you can enjoy wearing the clothes you have fallen in love with that little bit longer.

Well, you can and all you need is a little imagination.

Tailored shorts can be layered with a pair of thick or opaque tights and autumn's must-have jumper and a jacket. That floral dress hanging in your wardrobe waiting for another warm sunny day can be layered with a vest, jacket or cardigan and brogues, loafers or boots. Winter florals were big news on the AW12 catwalks and you can get the look just by layering up to keep warm.

Then there are the more whimsical fashions such as the peplum – a trend that seemed doomed to fail from the start but is still going strong this autumn as many collections feature a top or dress with a peplum. Good news if you love this trend which makes you look curvier.

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Finally, summer's love of green looks set to continue throughout the new season with Emerald green featuring in many new collections in the shops. And why not make the most of the pastel mint green you may have bought this summer by layering it with the bolder hues of Emerald.

These looks are perfect transitional pieces to take you from summer to autumn in style and will have you wearing your summer attire throughout the winter months and beyond.