How to make the most of the sales

The winter sales are in full swing in the city but how can you avoid buying items that you won't wear next year? Emma Harrowing peruses the sale rails to give you her guide to the best buys.

Last year I ventured into the sales full of anticipation that I would come back with a bag full of bargains that I would wear all year.

The reality was that I returned with a few pieces that were bought on a whim. Needless to say I wore them a few times before they were put into a bin bag and given to charity.

It's a scenario that is probably familiar to you. Faced with endless rails of clothes, some of which are on the floor, and a barrage of sale shoppers' elbows, finding those bargain buys ccan be exhausting. So to help you be a savvy shopper this year I have put together a guide full of items that you should look for in the winter sales.

These items are tipped to be on-trend next year and some are fashion classics.

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Therefore you will be buying items that you will wear throughout 2011 and beyond.

Now that's a real bargain!

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