How are delivery drivers being affected by fuel demand in Norwich?

A Deliveroo driver. Picture: Kevin Jones (CC BY 2.0)

Delivery drivers in Norwich are finding it difficult to find fuel for their deliveries. - Credit: Archant

Demand for fuel has remained high in Norwich for a fifth day.

In the city centre delivery drivers said they had been stranded on jobs having run out of fuel.

One motorbike driver who was picking up a meal in Timberhill, said: “I’ve had real problems finding petrol. On Monday when this all kicked off I had to go to five different petrol stations before I could find anything.

“I’ve found the only place I can get fuel is at Tesco in Dereham Road at about 10am.

“Every day I have to fill up my bike and a canister because I have a small tank. I use the tank in the morning and then the canister I put in in the afternoon.

“It’s really frustrating because there isn’t actually a shortage. Every morning when you go to petrol stations they’re full again but every day panic-buyers empty them out. 

“I feel now like I’m part of it by filling a canister but what can you do? I’m panic-buying because I have to, I wouldn’t be able to work otherwise.”

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Another motorbike driver was in St Stephen’s Street, who said: “One of the drivers I know was out on a job in NR5 the other night and he ran out of fuel.

“He was miles away from his next job and he was stranded. He had to call one of the other drivers and get them to go and pick him up so he could buy fuel.

“It’s crazy when you’re driving around the city, I see hundreds of cars every morning queuing up at stations.

Queues for fuel at Asda in Norwich. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Queues for fuel have built up at petrol stations across the city over the past four days. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

“Luckily one of my tanks can last me for about three days because it’s a big bike. The only place I’ve seen consistently have fuel is the Morrison’s at Riverside.”

A third delivery rider was on a pedal bike and said he was “relieved” that he wasn’t relying on a motor.

“Usually I’m a bit jealous but I’m so relieved I’m on a pedal bike at the moment,” he said.

“It just seems like a complete nightmare when I chat to drivers who are on motorbikes.”