How Children in Need funding has helped organisations in Norwich

Talking to someone face to face can be a daunting experience but add to that talking about a personal issue can stop many people asking for help.

Norfolk Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), in Colegate, Norwich received �99,556 from Children in Need to fund a youth project to provide help to young people in Norfolk through various confidential communication techniques. These include phone, texts, live chats with a professional, and email.

Helping eight to 19-year-olds, the project deals with eating disorders from food-phobics to anorexics.

Diane Archer, youth support worker, said: 'We're not looking to put labels on young people. It's good to get them in early so hopefully it won't develop into something worse.'

Rosie Thomas, chairman of trustees, said: 'Without the Children in Need funding there wouldn't be a youth project.'

Their funding stops in July 2011 and NEDA are already putting together their application to reapply in January.

Mrs Thomas said: 'We've got really strong staff at the moment and it would be such a shame for this project to fold.'

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Inside the centre is a specialised library, up to three counselling rooms which can also be used as a private chill out room and a creative space used for activities such as drawing and creative writing.

The youth project receives about eight new cases a month and NEDA also runs an adult service and support for family and friends.

Visit or call their helpline on 01603 767062

Proud to offer advice and help for any issue affecting young people, the Mancroft Advice Project (MAP) on Chantry Road, Norwich, prides itself on being able to get the right help to the right person.

Dan Mobbs, chief executive of MAP, said: 'There isn't an alternative. It's not like they can go somewhere else if they don't come here because that kind of counselling, where you've got a well qualified, experienced counsellor, isn't available. The money has made that available.'

The money granted by Children in Need has allowed them to create a counselling post.

They have been funded almost �45,000 over three years.

MAP offers help for 11 to 25-year-olds from advice on domestic violence to completing a college application. They also provide leaflets, advisors, different sessions focusing on specific issues and free internet access.

Mr Mobbs said that the funding has been crucial and said: 'We can provide counselling to make the kind of positive impact on young people's mental health, on their ability to grow up and become happy and content adults.'

MAP has between 40 and 50 users walking through its doors every day.

Visit or call 01603 766994.

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