How a chance encounter at the cinema led to a lifetime of love

Terry and Ruth Brock.

Terry and Ruth Brock. - Credit: Archant

When Terry met Ruth. They said it was a love affair which wouldn't last. They were wrong.

Terry Brock aged 19.

Terry Brock aged 19. - Credit: Archant

Terry Brock met his wife Ruth when she was 18.

Terry Brock met his wife Ruth when she was 18. - Credit: Archant

It was Christmas 1955, the young man was home on leave from his RAF base in Germany, and decided to go to the cinema on Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, in the days before the clubs took over.

Thank you for all your magical movie memories and among them was one from Terry Brock who has special reason to remember that winter night all those years ago.

'I went alone to the Regent (later the ABC) and, as the theatre was fairly full, I was shown to a seat next to a girl who was apparently on her own,' said Terry.

'When the lights went up we started a conversation, the usual chat up lines like what do you think of the film, would you like an ice-cream?' he said.

Terry plucked up the courage to walk her home. Her name was Pat and she lived at Mile Cross. A member of a large family.

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'She didn't invite me in but asked if I would like to pop round for coffee and next morning. I said I would be delighted to do so.

'Next day she let me in and asked me to keep her friend in the lounge company while she made coffee. Her name was Ruth,' he added.

Terry was a boy in love.

That night he was invited back for the family Christmas party. 'I said 'yes please' especially as I knew Ruth would be there,' said Terry.

They walked home together. He wrote to her from Germany. 'I couldn't wait until April when I would be home on leave to see once more the girl I had fallen in love with.'

In August he was home again. This time they went to see The Eddie Duchin Story starring Tyrone Power. They bought a ring and got engaged on the way home.

'We were married on December 22 1956, exactly one year after we first met, having seen one another only a few times,' said Terry.

My parents were worried that we hardly knew each other, and said that the married would be short-lived, but we knew different.

'That casual meeting with a stranger in a Norwich cinema led to a long and happy marriage. After 56 years, and having four lovely boys, I wouldn't call it short lived,' added Terry.

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<t> Terry Brock was born in Norwich of 1935 and lived behind the Regal on Dereham Road, which escaped the Norwich Blitz, by the skin of its teeth became his Saturday morning club.

'The chap in charge of us Regal Juniors was Uncle Charles and the show was good value for 6d (2 1/2p). There was an 'interest' film, a cartoon, short comedy (Three Stooges or similar), the main feature, usually a cowboy, and the serial - maybe Flash Gordon.'