Tenants still without power moved in to hotel

Joe Pearce (inset) is low living out of a hotel because the power in his block in Holls Lane has gone out

Joe Pearce (inset) is low living out of a hotel because the power in his block in Holls Lane has gone out - Credit: Joe Pearce/Archant

People in a city centre block of flats have been booked into a hotel for a further fortnight after their power went out. 

Despite raising the problem with the council when it occurred on October 23, people living in Holls Lane were left living by candlelight and without any means to cook a meal or have a shower. 

People living in the block got in touch with the Evening News after spotting the We'll Sort It campaign, which aims to fix problems facing readers across the city. 

And the tenants were offered short-term accommodation by the council - though many chose not to take it because of work or pets. 

But now they have been told the work will take at least another fortnight to complete and have been booked into a hotel in the city.

Joe Pearce lives in the block and had been showering and eating at his mum's, he said: "I appreciate that sometimes things go wrong. What it seems like has happened here is that they thought it was one issue and then they've discovered a whole load more. 

"What's frustrating for me is that the communication has been really poor. I don't find out anything unless I call the council - they've only called me once. 

"I work during office hours and unless I finish early to call them before they close for the day I wouldn't know what's going on - and even then I'm waiting on hold for half the time."

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The construction worker added: "What also makes me nervous is that some people are still living there because they don't feel safe living anywhere else. 

"They can't cook a hot meal or have a hot shower - or even turn a light on. It needs to be sorted out urgently."

A spokesman for Norwich City Council previously said: “Since we became aware, the council have been working with contractors and UK Power Networks to restore electricity supplies to the affected properties as quickly as possible. 

“We have been in contact with all residents directly to offer ongoing support, financial compensation and temporary accommodation.” 

A spokeswoman for UK Power Networks confirmed although their engineers were on site, the faulty equipment is privately owned.