Is your boiler a Christmas spoiler? The early signs your boiler is breaking

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Heating experts across the city have warned they are run off their feet - Credit: PA

Don't let your boiler spoil your fun this Christmas season. 

Norwich heating experts have shared their tips on how to tell when your boiler is on the blink amid rising demand for their services.

John Perez from Majestic Boiler Repairs Service said: "One sign of your boiler breaking that you can check yourself is low water pressure.

"But the tell-tale sign that you can easily notice is your boiler making noises you've never heard from it before."

Sounds to keep an ear out for include banging, whistling, popping and gurgling noises.

Daniel Johnson from DMJ Heating Services added: "There are and there aren't warning signs. Boilers can become noisy.

"Best practice would be to have an annual service so you can spot signs earlier. Get an expert to have a look inside and maintain it. 

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"And when your boiler breaks beyond repair, replace it with the most efficient boiler you can."

Ollie Thurston from Norwich Heating Engineer added: "You're best to have them serviced in the summer, it can give you an idea of general health before the winter.

"But services aren't a guarantee, you could have a service one week and your boiler break the next."