Developer slams councillors a 'waste of space' amid planning saga

Dan Trivedi, who started the Coffee and Beer House at the Prince of Denmark pub, with his takeaway c

Dan Trivedi, here pictured at the Prince of Denmark pub, said Norwich City Council's planning committee was a "waste of space" - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2021

A developer has accused councillors of being a "waste of space" after they ignored a resubmitted housing bid drawn up in line with their demands. 

Dan Trivedi is the man behind a bid to build flats eight flats on the site of a former Viking scout hut in Norwich's Dell Crescent.

He saw his original application refused by Norwich City Council's planning committee - despite it being recommended for approval by planners.

The committee's decision was overturned on appeal, but in order to win councillors' approval - and that of the objectors living on Dell Crescent - Mr Trivedi submitted a new application which would meet their recommendations.

The site of the former scout hut off Dereham Road in Norwich

The site of the former scout hut off Dereham Road in Norwich - Credit: Google

Councillors and homeowners, he said, wanted access to the flats to be off Dereham Road instead of Dell Crescent, to avoid parking mania in the cul-de-sac.

So, when in September he submitted a new bid to the council's planning portal with access to the flats off Dereham Road, he expected the councillors responsible for refusing his initial bid to use their powers to call it to committee and give it the thumbs up.

But that never happened.

A council spokeswoman said: "The latest application from Mr Trivedi regarding the site on Dereham Road was refused under delegated authority and in accordance with the council’s constitutional powers and following objections.”

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But Mr Trivedi said councillors' actions proved they were a "waste of space".

He explained: "The council showed by refusing the last application that they have the power to go against planners' advice.

"When I submitted the new plans for the flats, with access off Dereham Road, I was giving the councillors a chance to call it to committee and approve it, in line with what they and their constituents wanted.

"By not calling it up, they've proved they never really had a good reason to object to it in the first place - especially since the appeal will have cost the taxpayer over £10,000.

Dan Trivedi

Developer Dan Trivedi said the council had wasted taxpayers money by refusing an application they knew would be successfully appealed, and then not even bothering to call to committee the resubmitted application in line with their demands - Credit: Dan Trivedi

"It was just councillors throwing their weight around. They're a waste of space.

"It makes no difference to me. We still have permission for access off Dell Crescent, we just wanted to find a solution that would work for the people living there."