Eight homes to be built in single city lot after plans downscaled

Larry Lewendon in front of House Clarence where eight new homes are going to be built

Larry Lewendon in front of House Clarence where eight new homes are going to be built - Credit: Ben Hardy

A derelict Georgian building will be torn down to make way for eight swanky new homes after downscaled plans were given the green light by planners. 

House Clarence, a former chiropodist, was originally earmarked to be demolished and replaced with 21 homes. 

But after complaints put to applicants Reid and Jones from people living nearby, less than half that amount will be built. 

Norwich City Council approved the plans for the new homes in Clarence Road - which runs between Thorpe Road and Carrow Road - on December 16.

House Clarence which will be demolished to make way for eight new homes

House Clarence which will be demolished to make way for eight new homes - Credit: Ben Hardy

Adjacent and neighbouring homes were alerted in writing to the plans going ahead for new homes. 

Larry Lewendon, 80, who lives opposite House Clarence said: "I did mind the plans at first as I did not want people peering down on me from the rooftop.

"Fortunately the skyline will still be visible as the plans have now been modified to lower the homes.

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"My main concern is now the parking as there is going to be competition for spaces. There are not enough spaces as it is." 

A tenant, 42, who also lives opposite and did not wish to be named, said: "I can imagine there could be a lot of noise during construction but I knew it was coming.

"It seems like a bit of a squeeze to me."

Others living in Clarence Road said they were pleased the plans had been downsized after raising objections to 21 homes. 

Highways raised no objections to the revised application, citing the site being "within an established area with adequate means of access for vehicles and pedestrians".

House Clarence in Thorpe Hamlet 

House Clarence in Thorpe Hamlet - Credit: Ben Hardy

A design and access statement for the application stated: "The form and aesthetics of the proposal have been carefully considered to respond sensitively to the surrounding heritage.

"The proposals compliment the existing street scene in term of design, scale and materials.

"The scheme is respectful to the adjacent building with a roof line no higher than the existing adjacent building to the north in Clarence Road."

The applicant also proposed to improve biodiversity by retaining existing healthy trees and providing additional new trees and landscaping, as well as improving the "permeability of the site for water drainage".