Five ways to trim your electric bill this summer

Here are some top tips in order to save yourself money on household appliances.

Here are some top tips in order to save yourself money on household appliances. - Credit: Archant / Getty Images

With energy bills continuing to shoot up it's never been so important to keep an eye on the appliances which might be boosting household bills. 

And with warm weather on the cards for Norwich this weekend Martyn James, from claims and complaints company Resolver, has shared top tips on how to make the most of the sunny skies

1. Turn off the tumble dryer

Mr James said: "The big offenders for energy consumption in your home are ‘wet appliances’ - the goods in the kitchen that use water like washing machines, dishwashers, and tumble dryers.

"Try to only use them for full loads, learn more about what that ‘eco mode’ button does and drop the heat as low as it will go.

"These machines can result in generating a quarter of the cost of your energy bill."

Then get those garments out on the washing line and let the sun do the drying for you.

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2. Clear out the fridge

Mr James added: "If your fridge is stuffed then it requires more energy to do its job so keep it relatively clear and the temperature at an appropriate level.

"Most experts advise a level of one to five celsius.

"Cold appliances are generally the second-most expensive items in your home."

3. Switch off standby

The head of media at the money saving expertise firm said: "Most electrical items can be switched off properly - though you might want to leave the smart TV, satellite and cable box plugged in if you don’t want to lose your favourite recordings.

"These are known as ‘vampire devices’ for the energy consumption they syphon off without you knowing."

4. Turn the lights out

"Your parents were right," said the budgeting guru.

"Turn off those lights - or even better - replace your bulbs with LEDs.

"This might seem like a hassle but you could save up to £50 a year and If it’s too expensive to do in one go replace them as the old ones die."

5. Turn that fan off

If anyone has dusted off the electric fan to see off the 20C heat this weekend, remember to switch it off so you're not generating a breeze that will go unnoticed.