Pressure on developers over lack of street lighting for key road

Chloe Smith has written to developers over the lack of lighting in Atlantic Avenue 

Chloe Smith has written to developers over the lack of lighting in Atlantic Avenue - Credit: Archant

Faulty streetlights have raised concerns over car crashes, fly-tipping and people's safety in a city suburb which has prompted the MP to step in. 

Atlantic Avenue, in Sprowston, has been plunged into darkness with many contacting Norwich North MP Chloe Smith over the problem. 

The MP distributed letters to homeowners informing them she was looking into the issue and writing to Persimmon Homes, Taylor Wimpey and Hopkins Homes who manage the lights.

Homeowners in the area said they had contacted the MP four weeks ago after being frustrated by months of dodgy lights.

Ms Smith said: "I was concerned when residents told me about problems that seem to come from a lack of proper lighting. 

"People are worried about car accidents. People also say they’re facing fly tipping being done under cover of darkness. 

"Everyone deserves to feel safe in their street, and also for their new neighbourhood not to be disrespected. As it’s not adopted yet by the council I’m keen to help to sort out the problem for constituents.”

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith. Picture: Neil Didsbury

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith. Picture: Neil Didsbury - Credit: Neil Didsbury.

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Until a road is adopted by the county or district council any streetlights on it are effectively the private property of the landowner or developer. 

Atlantic Avenue is yet to be adopted by the council. 

Sprowston town clerk Guy Ranaweera said: "These lights are shorter and have less coverage than highway standard streetlights and are only suitable for residential-type roads and pavements - not main roads like Atlantic Avenue.

"Sprowston Town Council’s policy is to insist developers install adequate streetlighting on their new developments." 

Speaking on behalf of Hopkins Homes, Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey, a spokeswoman for the Sprowston developer consortium said: “A full dusk survey of the streetlights on Atlantic Avenue was conducted last month.

"Following technical investigations, we have requested our utilities contractor schedules the work to ensure all streetlight columns are connected.”

A spokesman for Broadland District Council said the town council would be leading on the streetlights.

It comes after two streetlights in White Woman Lane, between Old Catton and Sprowston, had stopped working, which prompted fears soon after the Sarah Everard murder in South London.