'Not our fault' - City man hits back on abandoned caravan after land dispute

Thomas Bibby and his wife Sasha were ordered to leave land off Holt Road where a static caravan remains 

Thomas Bibby and his wife Sasha were ordered to leave land off Holt Road where a static caravan remains - Credit: Archant

A couple who were evicted from a static caravan close to Norwich Airport claim it is not their fault the site has become an eyesore. 

Thomas Bibby, 39, found out the city council had ordered him and his wife Sasha to vacate the plot, off Holt Road in Hellesdon, on the day of the birth of their first son Tommy in January 2020. 

There has been dispute over the owner of the land which is not registered with the Land Registry. 

But Mr Bibby claims the land has been in the family's possession for nearly 40 years with his grandfather and father both using the land to keep horses and for grazing.

Mr Bibby said: "I was allowed to spend £12,000 to make it liveable but then months later it was taken away from me and they made me and my young family homeless. We had to move into a council property."  

Thomas Bibby and his wife at their site on Holt Road, near Norwich Airport. Photo: Archant

Thomas Bibby and his wife Sasha at the land off Holt Road before they had to leave - Credit: Archant

The father-of-two believes it is the general public who have been responsible for fly-tipping and making the abandoned caravan such an eyesore

Mr Bibby added: "I can't be responsible for the fly-tipping as I am not there. It is not being used as dumping ground by myself or any of the traveller community.

"The council knows who owns the land as they objected to one of my planning applications." 

The city council said it served a planning enforcement notice on Mr Bibby and his wife on July 5, 2019.

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The notice required compliance by August 5, 2020.

Living room property covered in hay

Inside the assumed living room of the property now laden with hay - Credit: Submitted

Mr Bibby subsequently lodged an appeal against the notice which was dismissed,and this delayed the period for compliance to January 21, 2021.

A spokeswoman for the council said: "Norwich City Council is aware that Mr Bibby and his wife moved from the land before January 21, and while some clearance has taken place, a static caravan remains on the land.

"Norwich City Council continues to monitor the use of the site and is reviewing its options regarding the remaining caravan. The council does not hold records of land ownership and understands that the land is not registered with the Land Registry." 

Abandoned trailer room with cage

Another of the abandoned rooms with what looks to be a cage for poultry - Credit: Submitted