Frustrated homeowners are calling for extra measures to be enforced to end a "nightmare" parking situation in a narrow city street.

Webster Close in Bowthorpe is often clogged with cars - sometimes double parked - at its entrance off Holworthy Road.

Susan Clayton, who lives in the narrow street, said she fears the inconsiderate parking could block access for emergency vehicles and damage cars.

Norwich Evening News: Susan Clayton, psychotherapist from BowthorpeSusan Clayton, psychotherapist from Bowthorpe (Image: Susan Clayton)

The psychotherapist added the road needed to be resurfaced, which was backed by Labour city councillor Mike Sands who represents Bowthorpe.

Mr Sands said he had been aware of the issue of bad parking over the past two years adding: "Webster Close is in need of resurfacing. It is on the to do list but should have been done a long time ago."

Norwich Evening News: Vehicles parked at the entrance of Webster Close in Bowthorpe, NorwichVehicles parked at the entrance of Webster Close in Bowthorpe, Norwich (Image: Susan Clayton)

Ms Clayton, who was speaking on behalf of other frustrated Webster Close homeowners, said: "Double parking in the area is a nightmare. The entrance from Holworthy Road is very tight.

"Sometimes you have barely enough room to squeeze through hence why my car has been bashed about.

"I'd like to get a traffic management order (TMO) to stop parking in certain areas.

"I live next to paramedics and they say if someone had a heart attack they could not get an ambulance past the cars sometimes. You also would not get a fire engine down there."

The psychotherapist, who runs New Beginnings Counselling from her home, said some of her clients cannot park nearby for appointments.

She bought the house in 2016 and described the road surface as "poor quality with lots of potholes".

Ms Clayton first raised the issue for a TMO with Norwich City Council in 2018 but was later told that issue was the domain of Norfolk County Council.

Norwich Evening News: Mike Sands, Labour city and county councillor for BowthorpeMike Sands, Labour city and county councillor for Bowthorpe (Image: Archant)

Mr Sands added: "A TMO has to be seriously considered. We need double yellow lines here and there needs to be delineations to make sure people park considerately."

A county council spokesman said: "While the council has seen no evidence of access issues at Webster Close we are aware of the concerns of some people regarding excessive parking in the area and requests for additional waiting restrictions.

"Any proposals would be subject to a consultation prior to implementation. We are currently in discussion with the city council to set a date for resurfacing a section of Webster Close."