From an indoor market to a VR play centre – This is what you think should replace House of Fraser in Chapelfield

House of Fraser's unit in Chapelfield is one of the largest in the city, so finding a replacement te

House of Fraser's unit in Chapelfield is one of the largest in the city, so finding a replacement tenant may prove difficult. Picture: Archant. - Credit: Archant © 2004

You told us what you would like to see in the place of House of Fraser in Norwich.

After months of uncertainty, it was confirmed on November 14 that House of Fraser will be closing its Chapelfield store next year. Here are some of the suggestions you made about what could fill the vacant space.


Linda Franklin said: 'I think Selfridges is the best option. They are upmarket and could probably afford the rent to bring back Mr Selfridge.'

An indoor market

Aaron Moran said: 'An indoor market. Multiple floors of individual local businesses in a market. Norwich is already famous for its outdoor market so why not a massive indoor one?'

An Entertainment complex

Tony Young said: 'Entertainment complex like the old Trocadero in London (indoor amusements/dodgems/children's entertainment and live music).'

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A cinema

Vicky Smith said: 'Cinema with reclining seats please like Lakeside.'

A hospital

Kim Larke said: 'A hospital that's accessible 24 hours for those who don't drive or have the money for a taxi.'

A Virtual Reality play centre

Lorraine Parr said: 'A VR play centre. There is one in Milton Keynes I take my daughter to, it's fantastic and the children and adults loved it.'

Traditional shops

Margo Paterson said: 'Hovells, Gordon Thorday, Butchers the drapers, BHS, Littlewoods, or Woollies....and bring the joy back to shopping.'

John Lewis

Darren Paul Mallett said: 'Move John Lewis in there. Always thought it was out of the way.'

The results of our poll, which suggested replacements ranging from climbing walls to soft play, revealed that the majority of voters (37pc) would prefer House of Fraser remain over any of the given options. The next most popular option was two new retailers with 26pc of the votes.

Do you have an idea for what should replace House of Fraser? Let us know in the comments