Horsham St Faith pupils are headteacher for the day

The tables were turned at one Norfolk school as two 10-year-old pupils became headteacher for the day.

Megan Howe and Callum Flack took over the reigns from acting headteacher Sarah Bradford at St Faiths' C of E Primary School, in Horsham St Faith.

Mrs Bradford said: 'All the Year 6 children were invited to apply in writing for the position and the applications were of a very high quality.

'The children showed a clear understanding of the school values and some of the attributes that a headteacher should possess.

'Megan was keen to point out that she can work well in a team, while Callum emphasised his ability to resolve difficulties.'

Miss Howe and Mr Flack were both headteacher during National Takeover Day on Friday, November 12. They started the day with a briefing about what was expected of them, and then went out to meet and greet the parents and children as they arrived.

Some of their other duties during the day included making a formal observation of a teaching assistant's use of praise and interviewing a parent about the school's involvement with the community.

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Miss Howe prepared the poppy wreath that was laid for Remembrance Sunday, while Mr Flack placed an order for new resources.

Jointly they chaired the school council meeting and conducted the weekly celebration assembly.

Both of the youngsters said the day was a valuable experience for them, and they thought more primary school children should experience the adult world of work.

Miss Howe said: 'It was fun but also hard work.'

Mr Flack said: 'I enjoyed doing assembly even though I was really nervous. It was a great experience.'

Mrs Bradford gave the two pupils a glowing report. 'I am so proud of Megan and Callum,' she said. 'They embraced the challenge of being headteacher for the day, and threw themselves into the role with gusto.

'I saw a new side to both of them, and pupils and staff responded enthusiastically.

'Megan and Callum adopted a professional demeanour and took their responsibilities very seriously. It was a joy to work with them both.'

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