Horsham church’s flower festival celebrates all that’s good

The lyrics of a much-loved Louis Armstrong song were brought to life in an explosion of colourful flowers, which showed visitors to a medieval church 'What a Wonderful World' we live in.

The parish church of St Mary and St Andrew at Horsham St Faith was transformed over the weekend into a floral fantasy land celebrating everything that is good in the world as part of the St Faiths Festival.

Pupils from St Faiths Church of England Primary School helped community groups transform verses from What a Wonderful World into flower arrangements which brightened up the grey walls of the church and brought the song to life.

The youngsters also made bunting which was put up around the church that featured every single word from the song.

The event, which took place on Saturday and yesterday, also included floral arrangements representing other aspects of the world, celebrating everything from under the sea to the world from space.

And throughout the weekend there were special children's craft activities celebrating the world that we live in.

Rev Andrew Beane, rector of Spixworth, Horsham St Faith and Crostwick, organised the festival as part of a bid to help families from the village celebrate all that is good in the world.

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He said: 'We live in a wonderful world, so often we hear only bad news and see reports of dreadful disasters, so I am delighted that for our festival this year we are celebrating the good things in the world that we so often take for granted, like love, friendship, bio-diversity, technology, childhood and creativity.'

As well as having hundreds of flowers for people to see, the festival also gave visitors the chance to visit the remains of the 1106-founded St Faiths Priory, which was open during the afternoon on both days.

Betty Bunn, 80, who has lived in the village since she was a child, said she came to the flower festival each year.

She said: 'I think every year it can't get any better, but it gets better and better. It's lovely to have the children involved from the school.'

Joy Pepper, 56, from Hellesdon, often visits the church in Horsham St Faith as her parents live in the village.

She said: 'The flower festival has always been part of Horsham St Faith and it's nice to see the community coming together. You feel it when you come into the church.'

Petre Kent-Davies, who is secretary of the Friends of Horsham St Faith Church, said she was very pleased with this year's event.

She said: 'The flower arrangements are always wonderful, but I really do think this year they're more imaginative than some years. We've had one or two newcomers, but you wouldn't know from looking at it.'

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