Driving instructor shares dashcam footage of near misses across Norwich

Hewitt's Driving Tuition in Norwich has been capturing near misses in the city.

Hewitts Driving Tuition in Norwich has been capturing near misses in the city. - Credit: A still taken from Mike Hewitt's dashcam footage

Drivers running red lights and near misses have been captured on the roads in Norwich, as a driving instructor teaches his pupils what not to do. 

Hellesdon-based driving instructor Mike Hewitt has seen his share of bad drivers - but it's not his students.  

For the last few years, Mr Hewitt, owner of Hewitts Driving Tuition, has been gathering dashcam footage of drivers who could do with a refresher course.  

The 51-year-old, who has been an instructor for the past 18 years, said: “They are just all random clips from over the years while I’m daily doing lessons these things happen. 

“I use them as a teaching point when someone does something wrong in front of us.

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“It’s pointless getting angry. But it can be a bit frustrating when my poor learners are trying to do it properly and other drivers are doing the opposite. 

“You have to anticipate what everyone else is going to do. To react as quickly as you can.” 

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