YOUR REACTION: Are Hethersett Academy rules too strict?

Hethersett Academy have imposed a bunch of new rules for their students. Picture: Danielle Booden

Hethersett Academy have imposed a bunch of new rules for their students. - Credit: Danielle Booden

A city school has drawn praise and criticism alike for a set of rules it is asking kids to follow.

Hethersett Academy, which is part of the Inspiration Trust, has issued a rule book with 10 instructions for pupils to follow, as well as a number of additional verbal instructions. 

Angry parents say the list of rules includes not being able to go to the toilet during lessons, complete silence when entering and leaving the classroom, having to wear specific socks and following painted lines in the corridor. 

The Inspiration Trust has said it fully supports the principal Jane Diver and her team for setting expectations and standards to bring success to the pupils. 

But what did Evening News readers think? 

On Facebook, they gave their reaction:

James Gibson said: "It's the people that think we are being too soft on the children that are the problem.

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"Rules are part of structure. Structure prepares the children for their own self discipline when they go into adulthood."

Kate Christman pushed back, arguing that for children with special needs or anxiety a school that has a more nurturing approach can make "the world of difference."

Debs Nock said she feels no parent has any real issues with having rules.

But she added: "This is probably not the best introduction to high school life for year seven kids."

Sarah Collins added: "I attended this school when I was younger and now I am bringing my children up here. This has really made me think if i would be happy to send my children here."

Nick Smith clapped back at the people referring to it as a prison by saying: "Not exactly a prison camp is it? Just some rules to follow."

Melanie Hughes supported the schools new rules by saying: "I have to say the behaviour policy and respect for teachers and peers at Hethersett is fantastic."

What do you think about schools having strict rules for pupils to adhere to?