Help needed to save Norwich city walls

People who care about the state of Norwich's historic city walls were today urged to shout out loud that they want them preserved for future generations.

Civic watchdog the Norwich Society says without helping hands, the 14th century walls are in danger of crumbling away, especially with councils hard pushed to contribute cash in the current climate.

Norwich City Council has recently carried out work on the walls near the Black Tower, off Bracondale, where saplings were growing between the walls' stones.

But Vicky Manthorpe, spokesman for the Norwich Society, said the watchdog is growing increasingly concerned about the erosion and deterioration of the walls.

She warned: 'Until people recognise the importance of the walls to the heritage of Norwich, they will not make the necessary demands or provide support for their conservation, which in the past the city council was able to finance.

'In 1969 the Evening News featured an article called 'The City Walls – Are They Worth Saving?'

'The issues were the same 40 years ago as they are today: whether to save them as an ancient monument or regard them as 'a series of flint and rubble lumps'.

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'One thing is for certain – without help, they will simply be eroded.

'It is up to the people of Norwich to speak out about what the walls mean to them and which sections have special interest to them. We urge people to send their comments to us.'

Yesterday, volunteers from the society helped clear away ivy and scrub from a section of the walls in Carrow Hill.

Imogen Mole, arboricultural officer for Norwich City Council, said: 'When the Norwich Society approached us to ask if its volunteers could be involved in our work to clear scrub from the wall, we were delighted as this is essential maintenance to an important historical feature.

'That Norwich has so many individuals, groups and organisations who feel passionately about the neighbourhood they live in and are prepared to roll up their sleeves and muck in to complement the work we are doing, is a really positive thing and something we would encourage.'

Let the Norwich Society know your thoughts by calling 01603 765606 or emailing

Do you think the walls are worth saving? Write to Evening News Letters, Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich NR1 1RE or email