Your views on tobacco changes

Bethany Dowe, 17, a student from Rackheath, non-smoker: 'I think it will make fewer people smoke because if they are in a shop and standing in a line behind people they probably look around the shop and see them there and think, 'I'll get some of them'.'

Laurie Campbell, 30, Earlham, smoker: 'I've been smoking for 15 years so it is not really going to bother me or make any difference. If people don't know what they want and they can't see the cigarettes then it might make a difference. If people want to smoke though they will, my ex-wife has been trying to get me to quit for years, but it's hardly a choice for people who started smoking when they were 18 or 20 years old.'

Francine Balls, 32, a market trader from Sprowston, smoker: 'To be honest, I'll still ask for them even if they are under the counter, it won't affect me. It is not going to affect long-term smokers but it might with young people who are worried about if they look old enough, if they have to ask for them. It's good if it does have an effect though, if my mum didn't smoke when I was younger then I probably wouldn't now and most smokers my age wish they didn't.'

Jamie Vogt, 18, a student from Plumstead, smoker: 'It probably won't stop me from asking because I've already made my choice to smoke, but it's probably a good idea to not have them out tempting people. People's attitudes these days have changed a lot towards smoking and things like this keep edging it out.'

Lucy Mary Nissen, 17, a student from Horstead, non-smoker. 'If people know they are under the counter then they probably will just ask for them but if people don't know they are there then they might not, so it might work for younger people. There is a lot of young people at my college who smoke, the smoking area is always full. But if young people don't see them on sale in shops then hopefully they won't be tempted.''

Will Herman, 19, a retail worker from Mattishall, occassional smoker: 'I'm not a heavy smoker, only now and then really but people already know that they can get cigarettes in shops so I don't think it's going to make much difference at all. I think it will probably make a bit of difference though because everyone is about going to the gym and getting fit, so not as many people smoke now.'