'Have you forgotten me?' 70 year old's booster jab battle

Sandra Colley, 70, is still waiting for her booster jab.

Sandra Colley, 70, is still waiting for her booster jab. - Credit: Sandra Colley

A city woman has struggled to get her booster jab because she is unable to leave her home. 

Sandra Colley, 70, had her second vaccine back in the spring but so far has not been able to get her top up.  

“I had my second Covid jab on March 29 but I am still waiting for my booster.” 

Sandra said she felt like she had been forgotten as her doctors had failed to register her as vulnerable throughout the pandemic.  

“I can’t leave the house at all, not even by car or taxi, so I have to rely on my lovely neighbours to help me out,” she added.  

And recently Sandra's struggle got even tougher when her daughter and carer tested positive for Covid.  

Sandra has had numerous calls telling her that she needs to get her booster but when she explains that she is housebound nobody can help her.  

Sandra Colley with daughter who has saved the day. 

Sandra Colley with daughter who has saved the day. - Credit: Sandra Colley

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She said: “The last nurse that I told I was housebound, her response was ‘oh, well they will get round to you’ but they never have. 

“I had my flu jab at home on November 5 but when I asked why there was such a delay with my booster, she said she didn’t know.” 

Sandra has tried to contact her GP but because the nurse would have to wait for 15 minutes with her after the jab there is a long waiting list.  

"Now young people are being told to get their boosters, I feel like I have been totally forgotten. 

“I’m not just in my house alone, I do see people, delivery drivers, neighbours, my daughter, son and grandchildren.  

“I could possibly be exposed to Covid, so, why have I been forgotten?” 

Sandra's surgery has now been in contact. She added: “I hope that I will receive my booster in the coming week so that I can be protected over Christmas.” 

Do you know anybody vulnerable who is still waiting for their booster jab? Contact sophie.skyring@archant.co.uk