Food expert shares top tips on squeezing greens into your diet

Catherine Jeans shares their favourite healthy recipes

Catherine Jeans, a registered nutrition therapist, shares their favourite healthy and affordable recipes - Credit: Catherine Jeans

A nutritionist has shared her expert knowledge on how to sneak greens into meals after recent data revealed more than half of the UK are chucking out their veggies. 

A report compiled by supermarket giant Asda found that 73pc of people in the UK aren't eating their recommended five-a-day.

On top of that a staggering 48pc admit to throwing their veg away because they're unsure what to do with it with a further 62pc said they'd eat more of their greens if they knew how to make it interesting.

So food boffin at Rosary Road-based business the Family Nutrition Expert, Catherine Jeans, has come to the rescue. 

She said: "I think having the knowledge to be able to cook healthy food in an affordable way is an issue.

mouth-watering asian baked sesame salmon recipe

A mouth-watering asian baked sesame salmon recipe - Credit: Submitted

"Additionally cooking in general isn't being passed down as much either. Schools are often more focused on baking and growing up it makes it more difficult to look at food more wisely.

"Some quick wins are to add healthy ingredients to what you already eat, whether that be peas or carrots to a ready meal or increasing the amount of vegetables you eat over time; from two, to three, and so on."

Delicious sausage and vegetable hot pot

Catherine's delicious sausage and vegetable hot pot - Credit: Catherine Jeans

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Another way Catherine crams her five - or even six - a day in is by cooking an immunity-boosting sausage and vegetable hot pot.

She said: "Research has shown us that the key to good health is number of plants we pack into our diet.

"Especially with Covid around, more countries are promoting healthy eating in the fight against the pandemic - something I wish we here in the UK could do more of - to help support our own nutrition.

"This can be as easy as adding some ready chopped vegetables in to a stir fry or in this case, a sausage hot pot.

"The vitamins and minerals in these will help generally boost your immune system."

Registered nutritionist Catherine Jeans has worked as a nutrition therapist for 10 years

Registered nutritionist Catherine Jeans has worked as a nutrition therapist for 10 years - Credit: Catherine Jeans

She added: "One of my favourite dishes is an Asian-baked sesame salmon recipe, for example.

"It's generally a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are so important for our brains and our heart health."

How to cook Catherine's salmon recipe without breaking the bank:

The Evening News headed out into Norwich to find the best prices for the lip-smacking fish dish.

The majority came from Norwich Market with a few other items found further afield. 

Three table spoons of soya or tamari sauce: £2 a jar

One table spoon of honey or maple syrup: £1.70 a jar

One table spoon of fresh lime juice: 90p each

One tea spoon of lime zest: 35p each

One inch of grated ginger: 99p 

One large garlic clove: 60p a head

One to two table spoons of sesame seeds (mixture of light and dark): £1 a jar

A pinch of black pepper: 77p

Four salmon fillets: £2.95 for two (£5.90 for four)

Optional:  Sliced spring onions or fresh coriander.

Digging deeper with all the ingredients needed to make this healthy fish recipe, it works out to roughly £2.80 per person - less than a happy meal.