Norwich student’s mission to help people who saved his life at Great Ormond Street Hospital

A Norwich student who underwent heart surgery at just two-weeks-old is trying to give back to the charities which helped to save his life.

George Howell, 16, from Earles Gardens, Eaton, was first treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital when he was just two weeks old.

Now he is looking to raise money for the hospital and the British Heart Foundation.

George said: 'When I was born my aorta was the wrong way round and my blood wasn't getting enough oxygen.

'I would have died if nothing was done as there would have been a lack of oxygenated blood in my body. I was 'dusky' coloured because my circulation system was slowly shutting down. I am very grateful for what GOSH has done for me.'

Since he turned 16, George will no longer attend the children's hospital. He is now on a mission to raise as much money as possible for the charities and he has also put himself up for election to be a councillor for the Foundation Trust.

He said: 'I love coming to Great Ormond Street Hospital and seeing first hand the work that is done to save other children's lives, children who are seriously ill like I was. The hospital is important to me, it saved my life.'

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He recently raised �150 for the British Heart Foundation by holding a drinks stall at his school sports day in July.

The Norwich School pupil said: 'I also volunteer in the shop in London Street. I am trying to go at least once a week.'

He raised more than �800 for the hospital by holding a non-school uniform day earlier this year.

He said: 'My health is 98pc and I can do as much physical exercise as anyone else, but I have to be careful. I am a cox for the Norwich School boat club. I can get tired easily.

'My surgeon from Great Ormond Street Hospital came up to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital once a month, so I have tests such as ECGs and MRIs there.' George, who gets his GCSE results tomorrow, hopes to study politics, history, music and religious studies at A-level.

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