Baby's 'teething problems' revealed to be life-changing condition

Zach Bowyer pictured with his parents

Zach Bowyer pictured with his parents - Credit: The Bowyer family

A mum who was told her baby boy's dramatic weight loss was "teething problems" has finally found an answer after he was diagnosed with diabetes.

Kerry Bowyer, a self-employed counsellor, first noticed her little boy Zach was ill in February 2020. 

She said: "He deteriorated over a two-week period. He was eating fine but then one day he just drank around 14 pints of milk, but no food.

"Then he stopped eating altogether and lost a ridiculous amount of weight."

Kerry and Zach

Kerry and Zach - Credit: The Bowyer family

The mum-of-one headed to see her GP but was told it was a teething problem. 

However after seeing her child, who is now three, lose even more weight she headed to other medical practises searching for answers. 

She said: "I was watching him wither away. I knew there was no way that teething could be this bad, it was so extreme.

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"Then I noticed his breathing wasn't normal and I just knew there had to be something more to it."

Zach has bounced back now he is receiving medication

Zach has bounced back now he is receiving medication - Credit: The Bowyer family

Having been referred to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) in the city Kerry was finally given her answer. 

She explained: "When the doctor said it could be diabetes I knew it was that straight away. His dad is type one diabetic.

"I was mostly relieved when we found out what it was because as soon as you have an answer you know what you're dealing with and how to fix it."

She added she had no criticism of how the case was handled: "I don't blame anybody that they didn't get it right straight away but if left any longer it could have been a different story."

Zach has now been given an insulin pump

Zach has now been given an insulin pump - Credit: The Bowyer family

Zach spent four days at the NNUH and received a glucose monitor, but saw his progress halted by Covid. 

Kerry said: "Medication was delayed and getting his insulin pump fitted took longer than normal because there was a waiting list prior to lockdown as well as afterwards."

But nearly two years on the tough tot had his pump fitted will now have a check up every three months.

His proud mum added: "He's been an absolute star and makes me so proud how he deals with it all. He just goes with the flow through everything and has an incredible personality."