Norwich mum given all clear after cancer

A Norfolk mum who was told she may not survive after being diagnosed with breast and liver cancer earlier this year is celebrating after being given the all clear.

Laura Binder, from Hellesdon, was told she had breast cancer in January this year on her niece's birthday. A month later she was then told that the cancer had spread to her liver and that her chances of survival were slim.

The news came after a rollercoaster few years for the 32-year-old which saw her cope with the high of having a little baby girl, Alicia, but also the lows of losing two children and a marriage breakdown.

But after a six-month battle, Mrs Binder, of Woodland Road, has surpassed doctors' expectations and has been given the all clear from both forms of cancer.

The mum-of-two said: 'When I was diagnosed, it was such a shock. My doctor said there was a 99pc chance that there was nothing wrong with me but then I was told I had breast cancer. It was a really bad shock.

'Then, when I got told it had spread to my liver, it just felt like things were going from worse to worst. They said they couldn't do anything to clear it and that it would only be able to be controlled. I thought that was it.'

Mrs Binder's nightmare started when she gave birth to baby boy Tyler three months early back in 2007. She did not know she was in labour at the time and gave birth to him down the toilet. He died three days later.

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Her fortunes turned around when she was then given the news that she was pregnant with her youngest daughter Alicia, now two, in 2008.

But once again things took a turn for the worse when she had a miscarriage last year, was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and then had to cope with her marriage breaking down, leaving her with her two daughters Alicia and Linzi, nine.

Since being diagnosed with cancer, she has had a mastectomy and has undergone chemotherapy treatment. She still has ongoing liver treatment every three weeks but has been told the cancer has cleared.

'It's a miracle that it's cleared, even the doctors couldn't believe it. It's amazing. To be told in February it can't be treated, I thought that was how I was going to die, I thought I was going to die from cancer,' said Mrs Binder, who still wears a bandana on her head to cover up her hair loss.

'It's been so hard. I wouldn't have got through it without the support of my friends and family and my two little girls.

'I just think I've got to get on with life now and not let things get me down. It's made me a lot stronger.'

Former Hellesdon High School pupil Mrs Binder now plans to do the Race For Life with her sister Kelly Olds next year to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

Ms Olds, 30, said: 'We are so proud of Laura and how she's got through all of this. Laura is not the strongest person but she has coped brilliantly.

'You read about women having babies down the toilet but you never expect it to happen to someone you know.

'Then when she was diagnosed with cancer, you automatically think the worst, we thought she was going to be really ill from it.

'Our mum and our mum's partner have been there for her every step of the way and haven't missed an appointment, we're a really close family. It's just amazing that she's been given the all clear.'

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