Finally! Housebound people battling for jabs finally get booster

Housebound people in Norwich have finally started to receive their booster jabs. 

Housebound people in Norwich such as David Morgan (right) have finally started to receive their booster jabs after turning to the Evening News. - Credit: David Morgan

Housebound people who felt abandoned and forgotten as they battled to get their booster jabs have thanked the Evening News after they finally got their appointments. 

People trapped in their homes turned to this paper after leaked papers revealed that some 300,000 housebound people were waiting for their third jabs. 

One of those was David Morgan, 74, who lives alone in the city and suffers with heart, lung and kidney diseases.

He had been waiting by the phone for a call about the jab, too terrified to mix with other people. 

In desperation he turned to this paper as part of our 'We'll Sort It' campaign which aims to fix people's problems across the city. 

And on December 16 he got his jab, saying:  "Before he left I asked the doctor why he came by so unexpected. He winked and said: ‘The power of the press’ and then he left."

He added: “I cannot thank the Evening News enough.”  

Mr Morgan is hoping to rejoin the coffee mornings in his building so he feels less alone now that he is better protected.  

Grace man is in her 90's and is still waiting for her booster jab despite her daughters pleas. 

Grace Mann is in her 90s and is still waiting for her booster jab despite her daughter's pleas. - Credit: Carol Stevens

Among the other happy housebound recipients is 95-year-old Grace Mann who was overdue for both her flu and booster vaccine.  

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Her daughter Carol Stevens said: “I was told I would have to wait until January 10 for my mum to get her booster, but they called again and they came on Friday.” 

She said: “I think it all happened so fast thanks to the stories that were in the Evening News.” 

Carol Stevens with mother Grace Mann. 

Carol Stevens with mother Grace Mann. - Credit: Carol Stevens

Though, it has not been this simple for everyone.  

Sandra Colley was ready to get her booster two weeks ago but following confusion during the appointment it was never administered.  

Sandra Colley with daughter who has saved the day. 

Sandra Colley with daughter who has saved the day. - Credit: Sandra Colley

Her children instead took the difficult decision to take her to the Castle Quarter for an appointment.  

She said: “I was very anxious and it was uncomfortable getting in and out of my son's car. The short walk to get the booster was also very painful for me.

“When the staff saw that I was breathless and in pain, they put me to the front of the queue and I was seen straight away which I was so thankful for.” 

Sandra Colley, 70, is still waiting for her booster jab.

Sandra Colley, 70, found the process of getting boosted difficult. - Credit: Sandra Colley