Norwich hearing dog wins top prize

A Norwich hearing dog has been credited with changing his owner's life – and even for him meeting his girlfriend.

Foggy – a Mongrel breed dog – claimed the top prize at a national event highlighting the work of hearing dogs across the UK.

Owner Simon Moore, 26, from Lakenham, now wants Foggy to be the ring-bearer at his wedding next summer.

Before receiving the dog, Mr Moore said he rarely left the house, but since getting Foggy, he has regained his confidence

Mr Moore – who was born deaf and suffers from a rare genetic craniofacial disorder known as Treacher Collins Syndrome, said: 'I really believe that Foggy has changed my life.

'Before I had him my life wasn't brilliant. I would never go out and would stay in my room where I would be happier alone.

'However, when I got Foggy, it felt like the start of a new life.

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'Foggy was also responsible for me bumping into my fiance, Vicky Royall.

'I would never have met her without Foggy.'

The specially-trained hearing dog claimed the top prize in the Royal Canin Life-changing Hearing Dog of the Year category at the Hearing Dogs Awards 2011, held in Central London this week. The awards, which were supported by Specsavers Hearing Centres and Royal Canin, are coordinated by the national charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and have been held annually since 2003.

A celebrity judging panel of One Show presenter Matt Baker, EastEnders actress Pam St Clement and TV vet Marc Abraham chose this year's finalists.

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