Norwich hairdresser helps charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair

A hairdresser is asking for people to donate their locks to a charity which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair.

Barry Alan Wright, who today opens his new salon, Barry Alan, in Pottergate, Norwich, is supporting the Little Princess Trust which provides real hair wigs for children suffering hair loss because of cancer treatment.

Mr Wright is offering half-price cuts to people who are able to donate hair at least 25cm long.

'If you are thinking about having a haircut then you can do a little bit of good along the way,' said Mr Wright, a 33-year-old father of two who lives at Mulbarton.

'We are delighted to work with the Little Princess Trust to make a difference to children suffering hair loss, and we hope to be able to send them lots of hair to enable them to continue their work.'

Mr Wright said he wanted to support a charity which helps people dealing with cancer because his uncle, Jeffrey Wright, died a few years ago after battling lung cancer.

He said he thought the wigs would help the children by boosting their confidence.

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'I think the wigs give the children the confidence to go out and have some happiness in their lives,' he said. 'I think confidence is a really big thing, and hopefully the wigs will give them the confidence to go out and lead relatively normal lives.'

Mr Wright's salon has been based in The Street, Long Stratton, for the past nine years.

His team has moved with him to the new salon in Pottergate and Mr Wright said he was very excited to be opening a new, bigger salon in Norwich.

For more information on the Little Princess Trust visit

A haircut by Mr Wright usually costs �38 and he will give a 50pc discount to anybody who can donate hair that is at least 25cm long to the Little Princess Trust.

For more information or to book an appointment. call 01603 624397.

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