'Taking matters into our own hands': City's vulnerable desperate for boosters

Sandra Colley with daughter who has saved the day. 

Sandra Colley with daughter who has saved the day. - Credit: Sandra Colley

Housebound city people are being forced to take matters into their own hands as they struggle to get Covid boosters.

On Sunday the prime minister announced everyone older than 18 would be offered a vaccine before the end of the year.

But there remains issues for those who cannot leave the house. And they say the situation is getting desperate.  

Sandra Colley, 70, Is still waiting for her jab despite many attempts to have someone come to her home to vaccinate her.  

Last week, a nurse did visit but was unable to give her the vaccine because the correct permissions had not been given from her doctor.

Now her family has decided she should risk leaving the house to go to a vaccine centre.   

Sandra said: “My adult children are so angry that I am still waiting that they have made a booking for next week.”  

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But the trip into the car and then to the vaccination centre will be very painful for Sandra.  

“My children booked it because they truly believe I am at great risk.” she added.  

“They simply don’t want me to have to wait any longer to get something that I need.

“After all the news about people getting their jabs by the end of December it still feels as though the people who can’t get out are not included and forgotten about. 

“And, more than anything it’s risky to go out - I’ve been shielding for so long and this will cause me a lot of pain and stress, I’ll be exhausted.” 

Sandra Colley, 70, is still waiting for her booster jab.

Sandra Colley, 70, is still waiting for her booster jab. - Credit: Sandra Colley

It is believed that as many as 300,000 housebound people are still waiting to receive their jabs nationwide.  

Last week a spokesman for NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said it had increased the number of roving vaccination teams out on the roads across the region. 

But Sandra Dunning, from Hellesdon, has also been waiting for a long time and is still yet to get her flu jab.  

She said: “I can’t get around very easily so I am supposed to have people come and give me my jabs. 

“I have diabetes and that is why I stay indoors. I need a flu jab but they’ve run out and I don’t know when I will be getting my booster.” 

Her last Covid jab was administered in April.  

And Grace Mann is also still unable to get a third jab.

Her daughter Carol Stevens has been trying to arrange a booster for 95-year-old Grace, who lives in Thorpe St Andrew, for three months. 

Grace man is in her 90's and is still waiting for her booster jab despite her daughters pleas. 

Grace Mann is in her 90s and is still waiting for her booster jab despite her daughter's pleas. - Credit: Carol Stevens

"The community nurses have been to see mum a couple of times but they say it's not up to them, it's up to the GP surgery," she said. "The GP says it's up to the community nurses." 

Mrs Stevens, 57, said she had no idea when her mother would receive her vaccine.  

Carol Stevens with mother Grace Mann. 

Carol Stevens with mother Grace Mann. - Credit: Carol Stevens

Penny Lavall, from Attleborough, said she had contacted her GP in the town to ask when her housebound husband Adrian, 77, might receive his booster.  

She said they had told her a nursing group was hoping to begin home visits in the area next week, adding: "They're as frustrated as we are." 

Though last week the CCG said that people who are unable to leave their home are likely to hear about their jab a maximum of 48 hours before it is to be administered.  

They said: “We’d like to reassure housebound patients that we will be in touch with them – there will be a booster vaccination for everyone. 

“Housebound patients still waiting for a vaccine have not been forgotten – they will get their booster vaccination as soon as possible.” 

Leaked Whitehall documents suggest just 160,000 housebound people from 470,000 living in the UK have so far had their third vaccine.