Psychologist on how Norwich fans can enjoy matches after YET another loss

The traveling Norwich fans celebrate victory at the end of the Sky Bet Championship match at Elland

Norwich City fans need cheering up after a series of consecutive losses - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Canaries supporters have had to endure plenty of defeats in recent months with many footie fans down in the mouth as a result.

Norwich fans were left dejected after the injury time 2-1 defeat to fellow relegation candidates Leeds United at Elland Road on Sunday.

This extended the club's run of losses to seven games. 

But counsellors have shared their tips on how much-needed positivity can be reintroduced in the home stands at Carrow Road.

Teemu Pukki of Norwich City following the Premier League match at Elland Road, Leeds
Picture by Matt

Teemu Pukki agonises over another grim Premier League away day for Norwich City at Leeds United. - Credit: Matt Wilkinson/Focus Images Ltd

Counsellor Lucy Ashby, of Warm Welcoming Counselling in Norwich's Willow Lane, suggested footie fans should head to matches not totally preoccupied with the outcome on the pitch. 

She said: "I’d suggest that fans focus not just on the winning - which is not guaranteed with any team - but on the other valuable aspects of following their team such as fun, camaraderie, loyalty and friendship.

"Obviously it’s amazing to see our team win but if they did well every week it wouldn’t feel nearly as special as it does when wins are scarce.

Norwich counsellor Lucy Ashby 

Norwich counsellor Lucy Ashby - Credit: Lucy Ashby 

"When we’re experiencing a low period in our lives for any reason it’s helpful to acknowledge it but also to remember that times do change and that this won’t last forever - or we hope not in this case anyway." 

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The NR2-based counsellor added that those who like to get things off their chest may find having a good moan about the match with mates can be therapeutic in itself. 

Norwich City superfan David 'Spud' Thornhill has learnt to enjoy the occasion of following the Canaries regardless of what happens on the pitch.

David Thornhill showing his Norwich City tattoo which he has had since 2004

David Thornhill - Credit: Contributed

He said: "I have always felt that football is a small part of the day. It is more about seeing friends and family and I will stick by that.

"When the day comes when we are relegated I will still go to games. It can be hard work but the joy of seeing friends and following your team does not change."

KennyÊMcLean of Norwich City following the Premier League match at Elland Road, LeedsPicture by Mat

More Premier League pain sinks in for Canaries midfielder Kenny McLean - Credit: Matt Wilkinson/Focus Images

However, the Canary fanatic admitted even he is slowly losing the faith in his team's ability to stay in the Premier League this season with the club rooted to the bottom of the table.