Norwich cabbies given fitness challenge

Norwich cab drivers have been urged to ditch fast food and exercise more as part of a new NHS campaign to keep them fit and healthy.

Cabbies at Norwich train station yesterday received goodie bags filled with advice on how to lead a healthy life behind the wheel, which included a list of exercises they could do between fares.

The event was part of the Cabbie Challenge launched by NHS Norfolk who fear drivers could face chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer if they did not keep active and have a better diet.

Taxi driver Brigitte Beddall, 58, of Heartsease, Norwich, said: 'I think the challenge is brilliant because driving a taxi is such an unheathly job. It is hard because whatever you buy is unhealthy these days, but the petrol stations are getting better at selling healthy food and I will try and get out of the car more and be active.'

Alex Lynch, NHS Norfolk's Change4Life Co-ordinator, said: 'Drivers may find it difficult to access medical and leisure services, maintain a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise.'

NHS Norfolk teamed up with Heart Radio to create the four-day campaign.

Pictured above are Change4Life's Alex Lynch and Justine Hottinger, with the help of HEART Angels Natalie Reed and Catherine Watson, giving Brigitte Beddall her goody bag.

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photo: simon finlay