‘Get it seen, get it sorted’ - Nurse diagnosed with cancers urges men to look after their skin

Mark La Sage has urged men to look after their skin. Picture: The University of East Anglia

Mark La Sage has urged men to look after their skin. Picture: The University of East Anglia - Credit: The University of East Anglia

A former Norwich adult nursing student has urged men to look after their skin this summer, having been diagnosed himself with skin cancer.

Mark Le Sage, 51, is a former student of the University of East Anglia, and was diagnosed with Melanoma in January.

Mr Le Sage, from Spalding, said: 'When I was told I had cancer it was horrendously heartbreaking and it has hit me really hard,' said Mark. 'I found it difficult to deal with and was uncertain and confused about my prospects.

'Talking about my cancer to my family, friends has been cathartic and has really helped me to get to grips with it.'

Mr Le Sage based a lot of his research around the way women and men approach their health, and has chosen to speak out during Men's Health Week, from June 11 to 17.

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He added: 'Men are generally poorer at looking after their health, whether that be mental or physical, compared with women. They are more likely to take risks and less likely to get something checked out for fear of embarrassment. At the first sign of any changes to your skin, whether that's texture, colour or changes to moles or skin marking, speak to your GP.

'With any cancer or disease, the sooner it is caught and diagnosed, the better chance you have of treating it. My mantra is simple- 'get it seen, get it sorted'.'

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If you are concerned about yourself, contact your GP, or encourage a friend with any concerns to do the same.

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