One month since freedom day - but how free do you feel?

The Behan family from Ireland enjoyed a drink at the Woolpack in Norwich on Freedom Day.

A family enjoying a drink in Norwich on 'Freedom Day' - Credit: Neil Didsbury

Today marks one month since so-called 'Freedom Day', when life was supposed to return largely to normal. 

On July 19, most legal restrictions brought in to combat the spread of coronavirus were lifted.

Social distancing was almost completely dropped, groups of more than six people were able to meet and shuttered nightclubs could welcome revellers back to the dancefloor. 

The legal rules regarding face coverings also changed, meaning they were no longer mandatory in indoor settings. 

Many businesses and organisations have, however, insisted that they continue to be worn inside -  especially in crowded and enclosed spaces. 

So more than four weeks into this new chapter, we're asking readers: do you actually feel like life has returned to normal? 

Irene Astley and her daughter Izzy at Imelda's Shoe Botique said just 10pc of people had been coming

Face masks have not been legally required since 'Freedom Day' - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

Let us know by answering our poll or leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

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