Holt recruits Norwich blood donors

Former Norwich City player Gary Holt has helped to recruit new blood donors in Norwich.

NHS Blood and Transplant staff were out recruiting blood donors at the Forum earlier this month, and 56 people registered to give blood as part of the 'Give the Gift of Life this Christmas' campaign.

In the afternoon, blood recipient and ex-Norwich City player Gary Holt attended the event and spoke to potential donors about the importance of blood donation.

While playing football, Holt cracked a rib and not realising the seriousness of his condition, he continued to play. His lung collapsed and his chest needed to be drained. He lost a massive 3.5 litres of blood and needed a transfusion to save him.

He said said: 'Blood saves lives. You never know when or how much blood will be needed, so we must make sure there are enough donors so there's sufficient blood available. Don't leave it to someone else to donate.'

For details of sessions in this area or to book an appointment, call 0300 123 23 23 or visit www.blood.co.uk.