Norwich prison 'no longer a Covid outbreak site'

Covid outbreak at HMP Norwich.

A second outbreak of Covid at HMP Norwich is now said to be over - Credit: Archant

A second outbreak of Covid-19 to hit Norwich's prison has now passed, the Ministry of Justice has said.

In August, it was confirmed that HMP Norwich had become the victim of a second outbreak of Covid cases, following a lengthy fight with cases over the winter of 2020.

During the second national wave of the virus, around 600 inmates and 250 member of staff caught the virus while either serving time or working within the prison walls.

At the height of the first outbreak, more than 200 inmates and 70 staff members were carrying Covid-19 at the same time.

In August, it emerged that the prison was battling a second outbreak of the virus - though a spokesman for the Prisons Service said the numbers were significantly lower than the first.

And while the exact numbers are still not yet known at this stage, the MoJ has now confirmed the prison on Knox Road is "no longer a Covid outbreak site".